John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme

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SERIES 1 Episode 1

<00:10> Man With A Van - No Job Too Big Or Too Small
<01:45> The Guard Who Alternates Telling The Truth And Lying
<04:45> Nicholas Bolton 500 Things To Do Before You're 30.
<07:05> Chris Leaving A Voicemail For Katie
<09:50> Winnie The Poohs's Destructive Relationship With Honey Interdevention
<13:12> Tennis With My Nephew. The Man Who Speaks As He Finds.
<15:18> The Man Who Wants To Be The Noise Of The TARDIS
<20:27> My Wife Went To The West Indies
<21:10> Since You Ask Me: Ghost Story. You Met A Man Who Met A Man, who got a letter From A Man Who Stayed with A Woman And Who Went For A Walk And Saw A Ghost

SERIES 1 Episode 2

<00:10> Three Little Pigs With A Visitor From The Sunday Times
<03:10> WWII Night Navigation Improved By Cats
<06:03> Evolution, Hummingbirds And My Granddaughter
<08:27> Voltaire With Outrageous French Accents – Defend To The Death
<11:45> Tally – Ho Mr. Pickles
<14:15> Where Have The Days Of Summer Gone (File Not Found)
<16:12> The Archers For People Who Don’t Usually Listen To The Archers
<18:40> Hungry Hippos Speech
<19:45> Catnav The Cats Have Defected To The Nazis
<20:50> Since You Ask Me: The Duke Of Wimbimlisham (Kent) – The Witches Curse

SERIES 1 Episode 3

<00:10> After The Exam – Sealine In A Hat
<02:35> Snow Leopard Photographers Personality Clash
<04:48> An Award For Getting Your Keys Cut
<07:07> Court Case For The Drunken Sailor
<09:48> Snow Leopard Photographers 2
<11:28> National Political Debate – The People Have The Answer
<14:09> Dr Jekyll Writes To Mr. Hyde
<17:48> You Said You Did You Thought I Thought
<18:44> Snow Leopard Photographers 3
<21:10> Since You Ask Me: Mystery About The Rich Man Who Was Murdered In A Locked House

SERIES 1 Episode 4

<00:10> Romulas and Remus – Reem wants help building a city.
<02:38> Seance – Very English person talking through a medium, books on Ebay
<06:05> [Song] Unhappy Small Mammal Keeper
<07:52> Retired Spies – Thompson Pulse
<10:04> Pampering
<11:54> [Song] Unhappy Penguin Keeper
<13:35> The Emperors Complicated Belief System
<18:00> [Song] Unhappy Gnu Keeper
<19:37> Since You Ask Me: Swashbuckling Mystery On The High Seas – Buried Treasure, Crocodile Parrot Hybrid

SERIES 2 (7 Episodes)Back to top

SERIES 2 Episode 0

<00:20> Silent Majority - Driving
<02:10> Set Me A Quest, Slay Me A Panada
<05:05> Bedtime Story – The Ants And The Grasshopper
<07:30> Interview Sketch – Benjy The Fastest Sprint Tricyclist
<11:09> Architects – Uncompromising Everything
<13:30> Silent Majority – Friends Of The Earth And Gays
<15:18> No Plans To Take Maternity Leave Or Cat/Dog Person
<16:15> The Cat Or Dog Political Change
<19:10> Depression – Simple Fix
<20:30> Since You Ask Me: Edinburgh’s Sinister Past – Gravediggers

SERIES 2 Episode 1

<00:20> Laura Dating A Guy Who Is Never Violent
<02:15> Museum Tour For Five Year Olds
<03:33> Moon Asking Sun To Back Off
<05:40> Jesus Has His Loan Approved
<06:00> The Wisdom Of Solomon
<08:55> Art Gallery For Five Year Olds
<09:40> Movie Trailer – Stoppable: The Tram Movie
<12:25> Birds Who Grew Up Together (Ugly Duckling)
<13:40> Movie/Fast Food Cross Promotion Problem
<16:28> Egyptian Gallery For Five Year Olds
<17:30> Psychologist Who Can’t Give Relationship Advice
<22:18> Tryptych of Giotto For Five Year Olds
<22:40> Since You Ask Me: Chivalry And Mysterious Strangers: Niece On A Train

SERIES 2 Episode 2

<00:20> You’re Not My Real Parents (Cuckoo/Starling)
<02:10> Have You Picked Up A Cold A Work?
<03:20> Accidentally Hearing The Archers (Again)
<05:55> Overblown Romantic Gestures – Men: Don’t Try To Be Clever
<08:40> Have You Been Bored At Work?
<09:30> New Supervisor Asks Employee How To Supervise
<12:00> [Song] My Dog Doesn’t Know He’s Ugly
<13:25> Pythagoras Of Thanos Second Theory – Hexagons
<16:53> Your New Cinema Is Coming ...
<17:52> Interview Sketch – Leonard Chale Actor, Bonker And Murderer
<21:00> Have You Been Disappointed By The End Of Film
<22:00> Since You Ask Me : Christopher Mischeer – A Christmas Carol With Toy Crusher, Rufus The Christmas Lion With A Brass Ring In His Mouth.

SERIES 2 Episode 3

<0:20> A Man Called K, A Woman Called Lisa Simpson
< 01:50 > We Shall Fight Them ... Word Has Become Peculiar
<03:20> Medieaeval Crossed Messengers Out Of Sync
<07:38> Game Show: Nobody Knows
<09:18> Vultures In Court
<12:15> Ask Not What Your Country ... Word Has Become Peculiar
<12:55> Investment Manager Who Is Secretly An Alchemist
<16:35> Game Show: Nobody Knows 2
<18:15> Mr. Elwood The Tiddlywinks Enthusiast – Secret Plan To Do Chores Instead Of Killing Each Others Wife And Mum
<21:28> Romeo Romeo .... Word Has Become Peculiar
<22:08> Since You Ask Me: Ghost Story – The Three People Who Weren’t Dead

SERIES 2 Episode 4

<00:20> Pub Chat – I Can’t Tell You Your Job Is Safe
<02:58> School Shakespeare – MacBeth... And Science
<05:55> New Boss, Sitcom Character
<07:37> Why Do I Need To Read Out The Security Number On My Card
<10:08> Complaining Chess Characters – King & Queen
<11:47> [Song] To Insomnia Before Job Interview
<14:07> Sitcom Character – Donkey At Work Day Out.
<15:24> Science Teacher Teaching Facts About MacBeth
<16:20> Goldfish Asking Neptune For Better Memories
<20:33> Since You Ask Me: Black Magic And Demonic Dealings. Wood Spotter.

SERIES 2 Episode 5

<00:20> King Of The Moths – Not Everything Shiny At Night Is The Moon
<03:33> Supermongers: The Mongers Assemble
<05:33> Pendant – Awesome, Awful.
<07:25> Famous Five Reunion
<10:47> Supermongers Stop A Thief
<11:50> Prawn Casserole OCD
<14:30> Pub Names – Elephant And Castle
<17:09> One Of Those People When I Want Something I Get It
<18:45> Supermongers Playgroup At War And A Ironmonger Leaves
<20:28> Good Old Days Health And Safety Officer
<22:05> Supermongers Joined By Costermonger
<22:58> Since You Ask Me: Ghost Story Fisherman’s Cottage

SERIES 2 Episode 6

<00:20> Britains Silent Majority – Political Correctness
<02:50> Mr Cruft Has Come Up With A New Sort Of Dog Show
<05:42> I Don’t Want To Ruin The Ending
<06:43> King Herods Public Relations Man
<10:37> Video Submission – Why Do I Want To Be On Eggheads
<13:34> I Don’t Think I’m Giving Anything Away
<14:01> Flying Policemen
<16:17> Britain’s Silent Majority – Recycling
<17:40> Gym Teacher – Get Into Pairs Opposite Heights
<20:21> I Don’t Want To Ruin The Ending – West End Play
<21:20> Britain’s Silent Majority – Immigration
<23:38> Captain Dinosaur
<26:10> Since You Ask Me: Credits, it’s still funny

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SERIES 3 Episode 1

<00:20> Killing Pub Conversations
<02:01> Sponsored Holidays
<03:50> Unexpected Caller On A Mobile
<05:20> Hotel Towels System
<06:18> Pedantry – Iconic
<06:53> Don’t Press The Button
<09:44> Pedestrian Crossing
<10:35> [Song] Spiny Porpecupine And Balloon
<13:29> Help Me – Mis-sold PPI
<14:00> Pedantry – Vibrant
<14:40> Rat Farm
<18:25> Train Manager Talking To Train Driver
<20:47> Pedantry – Catch 22
<21:46> Afternoon Drama Saying The Plot Out Loud

SERIES 3 Episode 2

<00:20> The Driver Who Didn’t Acknowledge The Let In
<02:23> Sniffer Dog
<03:32> The Gilgermesh Experiment Read By Ian McKellan And Author
<07:22> Consumer Choice
<09:55> Housesitter With The Man Who Has People
<11:39> Gilgermesh Experiment Read By Author 2
<13:33> At A Party – Talking About Your Job 4 Possibilities
<15:40> Interview Sketch – Painter Stanley Meadows – Slightly Off Disney Characters On Ice Cream Vans
<19:00> Coffee Shop Voice In Your Head
<21:00> Gilgermesh Experiment Read By Author 3
<21:49> Since You Ask Me: Typhoons, Tempests And A Life On The Ocean Waves. International Date Line

SERIES 3 Episode 3

<00:20> Turner’s Flight Of The Israelites.
<01:59> Red Rock On Supreme Radio – RNLI Scam
<04:45> Long Lost Acquaintance Looking For Imogen
<06:23> Confused Gangsters
<08:51> High Flying Businessmen Squash Injury
<10:38> Carmella Vitaly
<12:40> Contagion Voiceover Man
<14:18> Roman Baths School Tour
<16:25> Saul (St. Paul) Comes Back And Tells His Friends He’s Changed His Name
<18:38> Message For A Non-descript Man
<20:02> What Is Generally What
<21:07> Management Negotiation – This Isn’t My Cup
<23:01> Dinner With Friends – Authentic North Korea
<24:40> Multi Intergenerational Growing Up.

SERIES 3 Episode 4

<00:20> Goat Farm And Daffodil Farm
<02:39> Accidentally Hear A Bit Of The Archers
<05:59> Fairy Shop Owner – Upselling
<08:47> Trojan Horse Gate Check
<10:07> Interview Sketch – Dr. Richard Lattimer – Paintings: Fakes & Forgeries
<12:36> Bullying And A Pea Green Boat
<14:07> Sheriff OF Nottingham Complaining About Robin Hood Economics
<18:05> Fairy Shop Owner – Princess Shop Owner Shindig
<20:44> Naked Life Drawing – Rude Bits
<22:34> Court Case – Mrs Ratigan’s Husband’s Murder - No Further Questions

SERIES 3 Episode 5

<00:20> Time Machine And Horse Box
<02:32> Famous Anecdotes The Way They Really Happened – Carnegie Hall
<03:25> Shotgun/Bagsey Court Case
<06:17> Interview With Joe Holland King Of Standup At Home
<09:15> Famous Anecdotes – Winston Churchill
<10:10> Train Announcement – Belongings
<11:33> 3D Printing Bottoms
<12:47> Famous Anecdotes – Dorothy Parker (Calvin Coolidge)
<13:36> The Bear Who Can’t Sleep Through Hibernation
<17:08> The Gunpowder Plot – Pinning Down A Date
<20:04> Famous Anecdotes – Oscar Wilde
<20:24> Since You Ask Me: Mean Streets And Hard-Boiled Dames – McGuffin’s

SERIES 3 Episode 6

<00:20> Complete Stamp Collection
<01:55> Claude Philbert Had Controversial Opinions Then It Happened, Niceness Tourettes
<05:12> Interview Sketch – Marcel Queer Creative Accounting
<08:18> Basking Sharks
<10:28> Letter And Package For the British Museum & Reply
<12:25> Gates Of Heaven – You Were Write – Heaven and Chocolate
<15:54> Edward Collins Expert Witness (On Everything)
<17:38> Basking Sharks 2
<19:58> Expedition Diary – Water And Tinned Meat Or Whisky
<23:59> Bananas And Olives. Don’t Like The Taste
<25:38> [Song] Red Trousers
<27:50> If You Would Like To Know More. Why Not Do A Project

SERIES 4 (6 Episodes)Back to top

SERIES 4 Episode 1

<00:00> Radio 4 Trailers
<01:13> Start Of Show
<01:28> Modern Teaching – Teachers Rambling And Open University
<02:47> Bodyguards At 10 Downing Street (Would You Take A Bullet)
<05:30> The Confident Fish – Worm On A Hook
<7:20> Snap World Championship
<10:53> Bodyguards – Hypothetical Wife
<13:10> [SONG] How To Stop Evil (See, Hear, Speak)
<15:50> Emmeline Pankhurst And Dead WWII Soldier Correction About Voting
<17:46> Zeus and Hades Talk About Sisyphus – Job Satisfaction
<20:46> Pound Shop
<22:04> Bodyguards – I’d Like To Be A Guardsman, Circle Of Friends
<24:25> Since You Ask Me: Honour Satisfied And A Duel To The Death
<28:50> (Listen To The End Of The Credits)

SERIES 4 Episode 2

<00:00> Radio 4 Trailers
<01:05> Oil Tanker Changing Course Analogy
<03:05> Grandfather – The Thing About The Indians...
<05:54> Open Letter To The People Of Belgium
<06:38> Hotel Receptionist – That’s Not A Problem
<09:30> Our Watches Are An Heirloom
<11:00> Quasimodo – Victor Hugo Tells Quasimodo He Has Written About Him
<14:42> Rusty The Dog Has Just Lost A Leg
<16:22> Since You Ask – The Tale Of The Mysterious Trapdoor
<24:10> More Nice Things About Belgium
<25:30> [SONG] Belgium Is The Best
<27:58> Apology To Belgium
<29:03> END – Radio 4 Trailers

SERIES 4 Episode 3

<00:00> Radio 4 Trailers
<01:05> START
<01:26> Unusual Wedding Plans
<03:03> Negotiation With Ghengis Khan
<05:37> Ra And Helios In Discussion
<09:04> All The Poems You Like At Once
<10:35> Ghengis Is Not An Unreasonable God
<12:05> What Did You Think During The Film Gary?
<14:14> Post Operation – Lost His Sense of Humour And Is Non Judgemental
<15:13> Chair That’s An Original Jesus
<18:51> Ghengis Negotiation – To The Sword Or Flee
<20:48> Since You Ask Me: Me Being Told A Story – Bear Hunting & Tortoises
<28:58> End of Show, Some BBC Blurb

SERIES 4 Episode 4

<00:00> Radio 4 Trailers
<01:05> START
<01:15> Ding Ding Good Morning Sir Sketch Discussion
<02:25> School Assembly – A Man Who Followed His Dream And Failed
<05:12> Bowling Pins At Prayer
<07:55> Man Walks Into A Shop Retry
<08:15> Interview Sketch – Mr Whiteside MP – Are You Better Than Everyone Else
<12:29> Good Morning Woman – Another Fresh Sketch
<12:46> [Song] My Baby Only Cares About Me
<14:55> The New Train Driver On Sodor (Thomas The Tank Engine)
<17:35> Carrie’s Not Been In Many Sketches
<18:14> Shop Sketch – Dead Budgie ... And Cat
<21:37> Since You Ask Me: Love Story. Woman A Swan And A Taffeta Dress
<29:00> END of Show, Some BBC Blurb

SERIES 4 Episode 5

<00:00> Radio 4 Trailers
<01:05> START
<01:15> A TV Detective That Hasn’t Been Done
<03:43> Secret Government Meeting – Urgent Urgent Meeting.
<08:29> Luxury Watch Charging Unit In Museum
<10:38> Store Detective: Shop Lifter
<12:44> Man At Undertaker – You’re Charging Me?
<15:40> Store Detective: Stake Out At The Biscuit Aisle
<17:20> Lions Giving A Seminar On Camouflage
<20:13> Store Detective: The Revelation
<22:48> Email From Lenin Re: Revolution
<27:59> Since You Ask Me: Time Travel Very Short
<28:37> END of Show, Some BBC Blurb

SERIES 4 Episode 6

<00:00> Radio 4 Trailers
<01:05> START
<01:18> TV Game Show Win – Richard Bacon Didn’t Know Sooty Was A Bear
<04:18> Whale Song Translator
<06:25> Science Conference Fahrenheit Meets Celsius
<10:07> Finding Your Handbag – A Genie Offering Unalloyed Joy
<11:05> Raciest Alien Voices In A World Of Aliens
<13:14> [Song] That Particular Time Of The Year – February 5th
<15:48> Going Out For Coffees And Every Other Unreasonable Request
<18:34> National Herritage Tesco Restoration Trust
<22:00> Since You Ask Me: A Tale Of Twisted Science. Professor Krupenstein’s Time Machine
<28:50> END of Show, Some BBC Blurb

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SERIES 5 Episode 1

<00:00> Placing a bet. The capital of Spain is Barcelona
<02:50> A slogan For Springburn School
<05:14> Mirror Mirror On The Wall
<09:24> Survey: We Want To Ban Cancer
<11:34> [Song] I Ain’t Got The Blues. I Got The Pinks
<14:16> Comparitive Examination Of The Collective Canon Of The Bronte Sisters
<15:10> Sarah The Everyday Hero – Mulligan’s Bank: The Bank With The Rate We Do!
<17:00> Richard Of York Is Dead – Now We Can Remember The Rainbow Colours
<18:32> Since You Ask Me: A Story Of The High Seas And Horses – The Atlantic By Horse

SERIES 5 Episode 2

<00:00> Consultants – She Sells Sea Shells
<02:47> Voice In Your Head – The Coffee Counter Tip
<05:22> The News That Helps You Know What To Think, Or If It’s Important
<06:40> Turner The Artist – Something Wrong With This Landscape
<07:37> Chocolate Geek Argument
<10:00> Rearranging The Lifeboats On The Titanic
<11:34> Pavlov, Pavlov’s Dogs, Pavlova And The King Of Sweden
<14:42> I’m here to meet Andy. I’m in an Andy mood.
<16:58> Since You Ask – A Tale Of Espionage, Treason and Windows With Rain
A Spy In The Zoo, The Suspect At The Circus.

SERIES 5 Episode 3

<00:11> Village Fete – Dog That Looks Like Their Owner.
<02:56> My flatmate has just left, low rent, Should I move out.
<06:42> Talking Kirates (Skulls Who Have Difficulty Talking Without Lips)
<10:09> The Interview Sketch – Shadow Minister For Saying Stupid Things And Failing To Apologise
<12:24> [Song] Carrie Big Project Stress – Procrastination
<14:55> Jim’s Leaving Do. The barbed wire story and no-one else can think of anything.
<19:53> Buzz and Neil’s Moon Review – Big Disappointment
<21:30> Hunters and Gatherers Swap Roles
<25:57> Since You Ask Me: Some limericks about the cast

SERIES 5 Episode 4

<00:11> Sacking Ferguson – Obscure euphemisms
<02:51> What to say to the tall man
<04:10> Couples talk - Tattoos are forever marriage doesn’t have to be
<06:25> Sodom and Gomorrah sports day announcement
<09:01> What to say when you see Tony Robinson
<10:16> Jamelia For Pope
<14:06> Writing jokes about religion fake discussion
<16:06> What to say – beautiful woman
<17:48> Since You Ask Me: A haunted house (wine cellar) – Uncle Deaduncle

SERIES 5 Episode 5

<00:11> Enrolling in dance classes – teach me faster
<02:28> The team that comes up with pretend names for Google in TV shows and movies
<04:55> [Song] Restaurant – Put It On A Plate
<07:55> Laurie Llewyn – Why do I not get to sing?
<09:54> Sad donkeys – make it go away with money
<12:08> Pet tips with Uncle Laurie
<13:29> We interrupt your dream – everyone who ever lived was youngest
<16:01> Hi Ranjit Sketch
<18:23> Professor Lorothy Llewyn – Spoken Mime
<20:02> Since You Ask Me: Murder Mystery Without Setup – The undercover butler from Scotland yard, undercover duchess and undercover dogs.

SERIES 5 Episode 6

<00:11> Train driver and conductor intercom argument
<03:08> Nice cop, nasty cop, angry cop, sleepy cop, hubristic cop, haiku cop etc.
<05:35> Amalgamating sorrys: Apologising for everything at once.
<08:09> [SONG] Cerberus three headed dog song
<10:04> Voice in your head – what are your hobbies?
<13:26> Train manager and conductor – For he’s a jolly good fellow
<14:50> Meta sketch – Cast complaining about breaking fourth wall in sketches
<17:42> Since You Ask Me – For story containing the line that robot weasel might just be Queen Victoria

SERIES 6 (6 EPISODES)Back to top

SERIES 6 Episode 1 John Finnemore’s Souvenir Christmas

<00:11> John Mulligan’s TV Christmas Advert Options
<02:39> Good King Wenceslas meets the peasant & [Song]
<07:02> Turkeys vote for Christmas – Exit Poll
<08:16> The holly and the ivy – Ivy comes second and talks it out
<10:11> [SONG] December 27
<13:18> Turkeys vote for Christmas 2
<14:10> Baby’s First Christmas advice for mums
<15:57> Court case – Twas The Night Before Christmas
<18:07> Father Ramadan Sketch
<20:53> Turkeys Vote For Christmas 3 – I want to send a message
<21:30> Since you ask me – for the greatest story ever told – Finnemore of Nazareth
<27:55> Registered trademarks of Mulligans Stores

SERIES 6 Episode 2

<00:11> Kissings nice, let’s do it twice
<01:38> Reading out phone number to call centre
<03:47> Three witches polite letter
<06:10> Anniversary presents – The holy grail
<07:58> Self driving cars ethical options
<10:33> Not a sketch – exchanging Norwegian Krone
<13:30> Historical re-enactment – Napoleon vs Hitler
<17:11> Great kids – which one’s best
<19:15> Since you ask me – who the devil I am and what I’m doing in your house
Eccentrics at my club – Peter Parker

SERIES 6 Episode 3

<00:11> Serious talk parrot to parrot
<02:00> Policeman investigation – Not running and forgetting to read rights
<04:50> Pachebel hates the canon
<08:40> John Finnemore talks to his shirts. Who’s staying, who’s going.
<12:23> Baby tooth sorting room
<15:26> This weird thing about me – normal things
<17:49> Interview Sketch – Behind closed doors – The original bouncy castle
<22:07> Policeman struggling to read rights
<23:40> Pachebel’s Canon In D – Singalong
<27:08> Since you ask me – for a haiku

SERIES 6 Episode 4

<00:11> While I was walking to St. Ives
<03:32> The So-called Fire Brigade
<05:41> A chameleon on a chequered floor
<06:36> Socrates walking home drunk over the bridge
<08:54> At Irwin’s Funeral – Who sends emails with subjects like ‘3 things’
<11:02> US President – The speech for if things go badly (which is amazing)
<13:42> House on fire for three years, we always get it nearly out.
<16:05> Accidentally hearing the Archers. Now there’s a psycho and always a panto
<19:46> Since you ask me: Sensible and Sensibilitiable
<27:28> Linda from the archers and panto.

SERIES 6 Episode 5

<00:11> David Starkey’s History Books – Dingo Starr
<02:06> Wolverine back for a haircut
<05:16> Open letter from John to Radio 4 listeners about who Wolevrine is
<06:39> The reptile maker - Questions about the snake.
<10:45> What is Benedict Cumbebatch really like?
<12:19> Roman and Slave “Remember you are but a man”
<15:13> Patsy Straightwoman – Behind closed doors “The caf on ferries for lorry drivers”
<21:09> James the VI and Ist gets confused
<24:14> Margaret tells John about James VI
<24:45> [Song] for lorry drivers
<26:36> Credits
<26:50> Since you ask me of a story of a fortune teller (cuts short)

SERIES 6 Episode 6

<00:11> Flight, is there a doctor on board, translator, mediator etc. on board
<01:55> Pet Tips returns with Uncle Lawry
<03:07> Peacocks at the bar
<04:02> Pet tips (short)
<04:35> Which of these cats in bigger than the other
<08:28> Pet tips (pigeons)
<08:40> Celeriac awareness
<09:48> Pet tips (toothbrush insects)
<10:02> John’s team revolts and demands there own ideas.
<13:09> Missed connections
<14:36> Since you ask me for a musical...
<27:17> Pet tips (Owls)

SERIES 7 (6 EPISODES)Back to top

SERIES 7 Episode 1

<00:11> Freud phones his mother about the new book
<02:29> Lord Nelson – Kiss me Hardy
<04:56> Past life regression – The guy who’s too good at it. 7200 lives.
<07:48> See my third baby. Will I understand it if I haven’t seen the others
<09:34> Glorious leader of North Korea has written a poem
<13:32> Animal Interview Sketch – Gnu [Song: Start Spreading The Gnus]
<17:41> Clickbait. Top botanists appeal to identify flower.
<21:01> Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic
<23:18> Since you ask me to pass you the biscuits. You must have the story too. Biscuit logic.

SERIES 7 Episode 2

<00:11> Visiting the otter sanctuary
<02:14> The caterpillar detectives
<03:43> The Interview Sketch: Co-founders of authentic Shakespeare company
<06:39> Mulligan’s Auto-citer will make sure you never lose an argument again
<09:21> A wedding in Dracula’s castle – public relations
<12:28> Courtesy Call – She’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes
<14:46> Don’t tell me a boring story for half an hour then ask me about me when the food arrives
<16:17> Complaint to opticians – promotion not Spooktacular
<19:28> Since you ask me about a mission achieved from almost insurmountable odds
Hide and seek
<27:15> Credits (with some traditional Shakespeare)

SERIES 7 Episode 3

<00:11> On a flight- Can I be cheeky and change seats
<02:41> Where have I seen you – Porn star and Kids performer
<04:33> Award for science. For me, Me and Justin Howard
<06:55> How was your day – Ticked 3 things off my bucket list and To do list
<08:08> Orchestra conductor: I want Whoah
<11:10> What’s the most important thing in life and potatoes
<13:19> Animal interview sketch – Owls
<16:07> MacBeth Reimagining – MacDuff Technicality
<18:17> Posh actor and tough guy from Winchester role reversal
<21:41> Hercules and his 12 labours
<24:46> Footnotes sketch about Hercules and footnotes
<26:03> Since you ask me what I’m looking at... if I’m trying to be funny... want some etc.

SERIES 7 Episode 4

<00:11> Car hire bet
<01:20> Life – The game, New player tutorial
<04:15> Lady Godiva’s threat again
<05:33> Moral maze signature tune [Song: Moral Maze]
<07:59> The Animal Interview Sketch – Reggie Mayfly
<10:54> Meeting an acquaintance – arranging a drink, now it’s going to happen
<13:15> Couldn’t fit in a sketch – Taps In The Sink
<16:35> Dr. Johnson’s Diary and Dr. Boswell’s?
<19:01> Since you ask me – Lonesome trails and high noons. Walking around the world
with Mr. Floofywhiskers. Big Badge Bob. Sequel to Atlantic by horse

SERIES 7 Episode 5

<00:11> Caesar Augustus’s last words.
<02:38> On a train. Voice in your head. Guy next to me is playing Carcason
<05:05> Designing the animals – Last minute emergency. Any ideas?
<08:24> Rice on a chess board reward – Define your terms better and don’t be a dick
<11:35> The Interview and Animal Interview Sketch – Clive the Centaur
<13:26> George and The Dragon
<16:22> Margaret – John is this show all about animals and kings
<17:43> Couple trying to stay interested in the sunset.
<19:24> Trying to say a funeral was good but not good
<21:14> Scarecrow talk
<23:48> Question Time: done like Gardener’s Question time and vice versa
<26:35> Credits
<26:39> Since you ask me for a card trick.

SERIES 7 Episode 6

<00:11> The Mulligan’s Milliners heist
<02:43> Your leopard’s arrived – you adopted a leopard
<05:25> The weather forecast the way it sounds even when you’re concentrating
<07:06> [Song] Folk Song About The Leaving Do Of 2017
<10:39> How to remember the Beatles using a complex image.
<14:31> A cake for my sister that looks like a cake
<16:40> The Interview Sketch – David Janning Prof. Of Linguistics – Emphatic speech
indicators – why does everyone start with ‘So’
<18:06> Accidentally hearing John Finnemore
<20:19> Since you ask me a rather abrupt but pleasingly meloudious question. Mulligan’s Milleners. Where did you get that hat?

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