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Do you miss shows because you found out too late to get tickets?

Well now you need never miss another show again! (unless you want to!)

The National Theatre of North West Tasmania spreads the word about upcoming local amateur shows on our 'CHOOKAS' mailing list. This is a community theatre idea to help our audiences to find out about shows they might like. (We don't like spam).

With 'CHOOKAS' you will receive email postcards a month before each production and a week before opening. All through the convenience of your email.

And if you like it.... Tell your friends. Send them the link, spread the word. Let's build the theatre community in North West Tasmania.

It's free and if you don't like it, you can opt out at any time by sending us an email. Easy.

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Submitting a Play

If you have a play, musical or other performance you would like posted on www.nwtasmania.org Please email the following details to tasnash@yahoo.com and attach any promotional images and posters. Thanks.

Details Of Production:
Name of Production:
Society or Production Company
Dates of Production

Where is the play being performed:

Paragraph about the show:

Price of Tickets:
Where to get tickets, please provide website addresses where available.

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